FACTOR provides specialized risk engineering services to the environmental, and property and casualty insurance industry with unique, proprietary-modeling capabilities and expertise. When dealing with complex or low-probability/high consequence risks, P&C underwriters need objective specialists to validate assumptions and risk information provided by a proposed insured. An ability to better quantify these complex risks in a timely way enables insurers to be more competitive with premiums, coverages, and limits. FACTOR excels in developing advanced models for better understanding risk for natural disasters as well as hazards in the chemical and transportation industries. Tailored Insurance Industry services include:

  • Annualized loss modeling for natural hazards
  • Safety and security risk engineering for rail, highway, and inland waterway 
  • Crude oil and ethanol accidental release risk analysis for rail
  • Worst-case scenario modeling for transportation and fixed facilities
  • Catastrophe model software validation and verification
  • Offshore Oil and Gas risks related to maritime transportation

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