Power, Oil & Gas

Energy providers have many regulatory and corporate requirements to ensure the safety of their communities. Plant operators understand the importance of planning for emergency situations and ensuring that their emergency operations facilities leverage the latest data and technology. FACTOR has been providing specialized services to the nuclear energy industry for over 20 years to support decision makers meet that challenge. Our work in the oil and gas industry has focused on risk assessment for both surface and offshore operations. Some ways FACTOR can help managers include:

  • Emergency Evacuation Planning 
  • Travel Time Estimates
  • Public Transportation Route Definitions
  • Radiological Emergency Management Systems 
  • Facility GIS Data Development and Management
  • At-risk Population Assessment
  • Emergency Notification Planning
  • Siren Coverage and Secondary Notification
  • Geospatially Targeted Notification Data
  • Emergency Exercise Support
  • Emergency Operations Consulting, Training, and Monitoring
  • LNG and Crude Oil Transportation Risk Assessment
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Collision Risk Modeling

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