FACTOR provides advanced safety and security risk management and analysis services to both commercial and public entities. Our varied solutions range from the development of methods and technologies to ensure the safe movement of dangerous cargo to developing innovative systems that foster improved situational awareness of potential security threats. We’ve been involved in some of the most cutting-edge research related to transportation safety and security. Our specialized capabilities and services for transportation include:

  • Risk mitigation strategies development and ROI analysis for safety investments
  • Network GIS data development and management
  • Emergency response planning and mitigation assessment 
  • Risk communication and visualization
  • Hazmat safety and security compliance support
  • US Federal and State rules and emergency orders 
  • State and Federal voluntary agreements
  • Hazmat security plans and Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAPs)
  • Implementing systems to comply with new regulations and auditing
  • Enforcement inspection support for risk-based rules and regulations 
  • Compliance readiness and mock audits to stay ahead of regulators
  • Hazardous Materials Route Registry (HMRR) analysis
  • Commodity flow data analysis
  • Infrastructure and response data analysis
  • Security incident data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Custom GIS and advanced information system development

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