Government agencies rely on data for decision-making and FACTOR routinely assists.


The transportation system is essential for the movement of people and goods. It is inherently very complex and requires advanced risk, geospatial analyses, and related tools to identify opportunities for improving safety, security, efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency.

We help transportation agencies and organizations analyze data and identify risk with innovative approaches, models, and tools that leverage a variety of public and private data sources including unstructured, disparate, or partial data sets. We can also help transportation agencies and organizations automate these analyses to improve operational efficiency and resource management.  

Risk Management

Risk is inherent in everything that we do. Whether it’s a project, an application, a process, a system, a system-of-systems, an operation, or a task – effectively managing risk is essential.

We help agencies and organizations identify, assess, prioritize, and manage risks. We leverage data and apply advanced analytics, models, tools, and techniques to derive an accurate assessment of risk and arrive at actionable, impactful, and practical solutions for risk reduction.  

Natural Hazards 

Climate change has resulted in more extreme weather and other naturally occurring events (e.g., earthquakes) can impact the community and the economy. Understanding these risks is critical for transportation, infrastructure, and community planning.

We help agencies and organizations identify and react to emerging risks resulting from climate change and other natural hazards. We are actively working with FEMA and helping them harness public data to derive new insights on community vulnerability, resiliency, and social economics as it relates to extreme weather and natural hazards. We also help agencies and organizations integrate these data in transportation, operational planning, and analysis activities to help mitigate risk and reduce exposure. 

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The Rail Corridor Risk Management System (RCRMS), designed by FACTOR, helps manage hazmat transportation risks for the freight rail industry.

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National Risk Index

FACTOR leads the data modeling initiative associated with the Federal Emergency Management Association’s (FEMA) National Risk Index (NRI) project.

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