Information Technology Solutions

Information technology solutions can improve operations and help automate some of the most complex tasks. We help clients design, develop, and implement software and integrated system solutions to support data analytics and operational decision-making. We have experience modernizing legacy applications and databases including developing new cloud-based solutions to maximize our client’s potential for exploiting data sharing and system integration opportunities.

Systems Engineering 

The operational landscape is continuously changing, and technology solutions can help you gain efficiencies or a competitive edge. We help clients design, develop, and manage complex systems to ensure regulatory compliance and optimized operations.

We have experience working with clients and other stakeholders to develop use cases and system specifications including key performance parameters for large- and small-scale applications. We proactively pursue innovations that will improve data, system performance, functionality, and capabilities. We assess client assets including existing system architectures, technical architectures, data architectures, logic models, data dictionaries, system requirements specifications, controls, interfaces, and protocols. We use this information to identify near-term and long-term opportunities to integrate and streamline data structures or add new capabilities. This assessment also serves as a basis for developing performance measures and metrics for systems and subsystem components.  

Technology Modernization

Keeping your technology up to date is essential to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. We often help clients design and implement solutions to update or replace legacy systems to make better use of modern technology components and cloud services.

We routinely help clients migrate to using cloud-based solutions and architectures using Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have experience migrating applications to HTML5 to enable the utilization of JavaScript libraries like React and LeafletJS. We also have experience designing and implementing new structures for managing disparate internal and external datasets to optimize utilization and performance. 

Data Exchange Platforms

The expectation for a safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation system has never been greater. Government agencies are looking for new ways to monitor transportation industry safety performance and to reduce accidents (toward zero).

We have experience developing public-private partnerships that allow sharing of operational or safety data with agencies or other stakeholders to help promote transparency and system safety. We have experience developing data-sharing environments for both analytical and operational use. This includes implementing methods to transfer data to secure servers and database structures using automated processes for organization and partitioning data, as appropriate. With all our projects, data quality and security are paramount, and we have experience working collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to develop database architecture solutions that not only protect data but also enhance the usefulness and business value that can be derived from disparate data sets.

Software Development

Whether it is custom software or integrating with something off-the-shelf, we can help design and develop a solution that works. Our developers are well versed in front- and back-end software and can build complete and compliant solutions.

Our development environment includes the latest Microsoft tools and licenses, including Visual Studio (for development), Windows and SQL Server, and Azure DevOps (for project management). We have experience developing custom web applications using various computer languages such as Python, JavaScript, C++, and C#. We also have experience with the following: 

  • Creating and deploying XML-based web services to enable real-time access to operational and informational data sets both for internal and external users.
  • Creating a deploying web service to GIS data structures to allow for easy integration with external systems. 
  • Using and integrating business intelligence applications including Power BI and Tableau to view trends and historical data from multiple systems and sources.
  • Developing applications using ESRI and open-source Internet GIS software to develop real-time, reoccurring, and ad hoc spatial reports and analysis. 

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